Hospital sent old man home despite bleed on the brain

AN ELDERLY man was sent home from hospital when a trainee doctor failed to diagnose a massive head bleed.

Otis Durgan, 89, who was living at the Pellon Manor Care Home, died the next day from his injuries after care staff returned him to the hospital.

The coroner criticised note keeping by Doctor Siddiqui, who was training at Calderdale Royal Hospital, and his knowledge of medical guidelines.

Care staff found Mr Durgan in a pool of blood at 5.15am on May 18, 2010, and immediately rushed him to Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Dr Siddiqui told the inquest he assessed Mr Durgan on the Glasgow Coma Scale, used to assess head injuries, but failed to make note of the score and then discharged him at 7.45am, just over two hours later.

Staff at the care home noticed Mr Durgan was still not right and later the same day took him back to the hospital where a consultant discovered intra-cranial bleeding.

Coroner, Professor Paul Parks, said: “My concerns are that all head injuries should be treated as initially life-threatening or serious.

“This has been known since the time of Hippocrates.

“All should be familiar with the guidelines and also important that documentation and note keeping should be accurate, particularly the Glasgow Coma Score for head injuries.

“In this case the standard of notekeeping was not satisfactory.

“With regards to medical causation I would find that even if Mr Durgan had been admitted his deterioration would still have occurred.”

He recorded a verdict that Mr Durgan died on May 19, 2010, as the result of an accident.