House blaze sparked by ember from open fire

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Firefighters tackled a fire in Rastrick this morning (Sunday) which gutted the living room of a house.

The crews, from Elland and Brighouse, were called to the fire on Clough Lane at about 7.20am.

The owner of the house had been alerted to the blaze by the heat setting off the tamper mechanism on the burlgar alarm system.

It is thought the cause of the fire was an ember jumping out of the open fire into the living room, with the fire guard not being fitted close enough to the fire.

No-one was injured in the place but there was extensive damage to the living room.

Fortunately, the male houseowner had close the door to the living room, preventing the fire from spreading.

Brighouse watch manager Nigel Dodd urged people with open fires to be careful.

“If you have an open fire and you go to bed with the fire not completely out, make sure your have put your fire guard up close to the fire, to prevent any embers from leaving the fire.

“Smoke detection is a must. In this instance, the owner was saved by the tamper of his burglar alarm.”

The crew carried out a home fire safety check on the home - which neighbours the site for the proposed new fire station - fitting a free smoke alarm.

For free home fire safety checks, contact your local fire station.