How Andy Murray’s big game hit blood donations

Blood stocks could be hit by a “perfect storm” in 2012, health bosses have warned.

NHS Blood and Transplant expects the coming year’s bumper sporting calendar, Olympics and extra bank holidays to drastically reduce the number of donors coming forward.

Now it is asking people in Yorkshire to make giving blood their New Year’s resolution to help combat the predicted effect.

Statistics show that 93 per cent of donors give blood during the working week.

The bumper bank holidays around Easter and the royal wedding week this year resulted in 3,500 fewer donations, year on year.

And last year there was a 12 per cent drop in donations on the day of the World Cup quarter final and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon semi final.

Darren Bowen, NHSBT donor relations manager for Yorkshire, said: “Approximately two million units of blood will be needed by hospitals throughout 2012.

“The equivalent of 500 extra donations will be needed each week in the first six months to help us build blood stocks and cover extra potential need from Olympic visitors.

“We’re calling on the public to make regular blood donation a New Year’s resolution.”

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