How Calderdale Council is preparing for potential floods with thunderstorms forecast

Calderdale preparing for the floods
Calderdale preparing for the floods

Staff at Calderdale Council and volunteers are preparing for potential flood with thunderstorms forecast for the borough.

Calderdale has been issued with a severe weather warning for thunderstorms.

The Met Office say there is a high risk of thunder and lightning across the region, as it continues to face heavy showers.

A spokesperson for Calderdale Council said: More rain is forecast for this week and there are yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms in the region today and Wednesday.

"The Council is keeping a close eye on forecasts and is prepared for any further issues. It will continue to work with partner organisations to ensure the impacts from the weekend are understood and that the risk of further flooding is reduced as much as possible.

"As always, do not drive through floodwater, and if you do have to drive during periods of heavy rainfall, slow down to go through puddles to avoid damage to vehicles and flooding to people’s property."

This is what Calderdale Council has said and what it is doing to prepare for the storm and heavy downpours.

Although it's uncertain how the forecast thunderstorms will affect us, we have put various measures in place to mitigate any impacts and you are advised to do the same.

All trash screens and Highways drainage infrastructure have been cleared and resources are now concentrating on defects and areas where properties have flooded.

As we saw on Sunday, during heavy downpours it's possible for drains to be overwhelmed regardless of their condition, flooding roads and nearby properties.


The Council cannot provide sandbags to individuals during a flood. There are other products available that are more effective, easier to use and reusable. In the short term, property owners and tenants are advised to make sure they have a flood plan ready to prompt them to take appropriate action to reduce damage to their property and belongings in the event of a flood.

Flood wardens

Flood wardens are on standby in case we are affected by the forecast thunderstorms. Please be aware that they are not there to provide sandbags or other flood protection equipment. Their role is to assist communities affected by flooding and keep the Environment Agency up to date in a flood situation. Find out more about what they do (and don't do) here.


On Sunday we received reports of several issues resulting from people trying to drive through floodwater. Remember, just 30ml of flowing water is enough to float a car. If there's standing water on the road, please slow down to avoid causing a wave and flooding nearby properties.