How could they raid my Cheryl's grave?

THE mother of a woman who died from cancer at 35 has pleaded with thieves to return an ornament to her grave.

Rose Walsh, of Woodbrook Place, Mixenden, wants those responsible from taking a blessed "knock" from her daughter Cheryl's grave last month to give it back to the family.

Cheryl died after suffering a rare neuroendocrine brain tumour, diagnosed in December 2007.

She was given just weeks to live but fought for two years until she died in April 2009.

As well as Rose, Cheryl left behind her daughter Elizabeth, son Mark, father Tony and partner Guy.

Now Rose wants the thieves to return the item to her grave in Stoney Royd Cemetery in Halifax, which she says is irreplaceable.

"I think it's despicable that someone would take something from Cheryl's grave," she said.

"We only realised it was missing once the snow had cleared. I didn't realise people stole things from graves. I just can't believe someone would take it."

The ornament was a gift from a family friends who bought it from the Knock shrine in County Mayo, Ireland, after it had been sent to Rome to be blessed.

"It can't be replaced and I think it will bring bad luck to the people who took it. All I ask is that they replace it and let that be the end of it."

Annette Ronaldson, Guy's mother, said the ornament was not the only thing stolen.

"We also put some solar lights up to make sure Cheryl wasn't in the darkness and they've been taken too, as well as some prayer beads," she said.

"It's purely of sentimental value. It won't be worth anything if it's sold so all we want is for it to be returned.

"We don't know if it's someone who is drunk who has taken it or if a child has just come along and moved it to another grave but we just want it back."