Howzat! Pavilion plans are approved

SHELF Cricket Club will be allowed to replace its pavilion after gaining approval from planning chiefs.

The club, which is based on Carr House Lane behind the Shoulder of Mutton pub in Shelf, had their request approved by the chief planning officer.

But now the hard work begins for the club, who are looking to raise around 100,000 to fund their two year project.

The current pavilion was only intended to be a temporary measure, but it has stood for over ten years.

Club secretary Andrew Dimbleby said the pavilion had to come down.

"It was only meant to be there for a short while and it really is in a poor state of repair now. Thankfully we've been granted permission and now our pavilion project team can make a start on the fund raising."

Andrew hopes that the cricket club will be able to join forces with Shelf Juniors football club in using the new facility, as well as involving the local community.

"The club has already had a generous pledge from a local businessman of 33,000 towards the project and the benefactor has also asked that the new facility be used as a hub for village life and be used by as many local organisations/groups as possible," said Andrew.

"From first hand the cricket club knows the benefits that can be achieved by having links with other organisations in the village. The Cricket Club and Shelf Juniors football club have had strong links for many years which has helped both clubs recruit volunteers and players within both sports," he added.

Club President Jack Wilson said: "We're delighted planning permission has been approved and now the hard work of raising funds begins, but I'm confident we'll be able to generate the cash we need. It'll be a huge asset the club."

The two storey build will consist of changing rooms on the first floor and a kitchen, toilets, disabled toilets, lounge and dining area on the ground floor. It will be able to accommodate 30 people.