Huge outpouring of support for ‘superhuman’ flood clean-up volunteer Trevor

Trevor Bannister
Trevor Bannister


That’s one of the words used to describe Trevor Bannister - one of many volunteers working tirelessly since Boxing Day to clean up the devastation left by last winter’s floods.

Trevor, 51, who lives in Mount Tabor, Halifax, lost his vehicle in the floods and cannot replace it, so now cycles up to seven miles so he can support the ongoing flood recovery effort in the valley.

He works with the Calder Valley Clean Up group and has only taken ONE day off since starting it 11 months ago.

Following a huge outpouring of support, a campaign called ‘Get Trevor Mobile’ has been launched to raise enough money to buy a new van which can be used by both him and his voluntary group.

It has already raised more than £1,000.

Tim Foulds, who started the Elphaborough Close flood hub in Mytholmroyd, spoke of his admiration for Trevor.

He said: “I’m just in awe of him and the work he has been doing. Trevor was involved from the beginning, doing everything from Walsden to Elland.

“He’s a superhuman. Trevor looked at the bigger picture - the smaller picture was getting homes and businesses back up and running. Trevor saw the bigger picture - he saw the other things that needed to be done.”

A painter and decorator by trade, has turned his hand to any job he could to help out. But his message is clear - there’s still lots more to be done.

Humble Trevor said: “I just like to get on and do things. There’s always going to be things that need doing and there’s always going to be people that need help and we want to provide that free service.”

In the long-term, it’s hoped a group can be established to help with community-focused projects up and down the valley.

For more information, or to help out, contact To donate to the fund, visit: