'I am a Marine...I will kill you'

A MAN who pulled a gun on a group of revellers while high on the drug Mcat has been sent to prison.

Jason Schofield, 24, pulled the trigger of a ball-bearing gun while aiming it at a group of men talking near his flat in Albert Street, Brighouse.

Nigel Hamilton, prosecuting, said that at around 2am on a November morning, Schofield approached the group brandishing the gun.

"He walked towards the group shouting at them 'I am a trained Marine. I will kill you,'" said Mr Hamilton.

Bradford Crown heard the gun was not loaded. "But it looked real," said Mr Hamilton.

"He intended them to believe it was real," he added.

Schofield pulled the trigger up to nine times at the group, who took refuge behind a Volkswagen camper van.

They quickly released it was not a real gun and approached Schofield to calm him down.

Schofield told police that because of taking Mcat he had not slept for two days.

The drug was classed as a "legal high" until April last year.

Schofield admitted possessing an imitation firearm.

Abigail Langford, representing Schofield, said: "Nothing I can say will get round the fact that what he did was incredibly stupid.

"This was an act completely out of character."

Judge Robert Bartfield said he accepted Schofield was unlikely to reoffend and was a vulnerable man.

But said he had no choice but to send him to prison.

"We live in a time where people resort to taking guns or imitation guns in public into the street and frighten the living daylights out of the people who think their last moment may be coming."

He added: "This isn't about you. This is about everyone else."

Schofield broke down in tears when he was sentenced to 21 months.

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