I’m a mother on a mission

Sophia Bayfield of Boothtown, who will run a half marathon for Help for Heroes
Sophia Bayfield of Boothtown, who will run a half marathon for Help for Heroes

THIRTY-two-year-old mum Sophia Bayfield will be running her first half marathon tomorrow - and is determined to lose pounds at the same time as raising them.

Miss Bayfield will be pounding the streets to boost the Help for Heroes charity but has also set herself the challenge to improve her own health.

Twelve months ago the smoker, who weighed over 14 stones, was told her blood pressure was too high and decided on drastic action.

She quit the cigarettes and took up running but unfortunately the weight is proving hard to shake off.

But Miss Bayfield is determined to carry on and her biggest run to date will see her set off from Natty Lane, Illingworth, for Boothtown, Claremount, Stump Cross, Northowram, Shelf, Odsal Top, Dudley Hill and to the finish at Thornbury, Bradford.

“I eat healthily and am not a couch potato but have only lost half-a-stone,” said Miss Bayfield, of Boothtown, Halifax.

She does three evening runs of around five miles each and walks 10 miles weekly to and from work at Lloyds Banking Group, Halifax.

“My doctor says to keep doing what I am doing as I need to lose weight. Maybe I can show him just how fit I am.”

She chose the Armed Forces charity in admiration of the servicemen and women who risk life and limb.

Miss Bayfield, mum to Jennifer, aged three, said her partner Roberto Zaccardelli, a keen runner, will be with her on her run giving encouragement. She can be sponsored online at bmycharity.com/mumontherun.

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