IN PICTURES: Pace Egg Play tradition is alive in Calder Valley

Annual Good Friday performance.  Picture Tony Johnson.
Annual Good Friday performance. Picture Tony Johnson.

The annual Pace Egg Plays attracted crowds to the Calder Valley across the area on Good Friday to get a taste of local traditions.

The Heptonstall Pace Egg Play traditionally takes place in Weavers’ Square throughout the day and tells the story of the battle between a whole host of colourful characters.

In the play St George takes on contenders such as Bold Slasher, the Black Prince of Paradine and Hector.

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The villains are determined to financially ruin the hilltop village of Heptonstall by cutting it off from free trade currently enjoyed by the rest of Calderdale.

Meanwhile, St George continues to fight for the promised huge amount of investment that The Doctor desperately needs to be able to resurrect the slain, and continually knock penny muffins out of Tosspot’s head.

Crowds enjoyed the traditional performance and the weather stayed bright during the day of shows.

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Also, after some uncertainty, the Midgley Pace Egg Play went ahead in towns and villages across the Calder Valley with the same group of young people who have kept the play going over the last three years.

Work is still being done to form a group to keep the 200 year old tradition alive in the Calder Valley.