Increase in Calderdale shed and garage thefts

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Calderdale Police are warning to lock up your tools after an increase in thefts.

Unusually for this time of year, the force has seen a slight increase in the number of sheds or garages broken into.

Police chiefs said the reason could be down to more people taking notice of their advice about ensuring their homes are secure.

Unfortunately, criminals are now turning their attention to sheds, garages and other outbuildings.

Residents are being advised to ensure their shed, garage or outbuilding and the equipment which may be stored outside them, is secure too.

These items are often valuable but very often overlooked as a potential target for thieves.

Crime figures now suggest that these items are very desirable to criminals.

Officers are conducting additional patrols and daily checks are made with shops who purchase / sell second hand goods and confrontation visits are being carried out at the homes of people who are known to commit such crimes.

Calderdale Police are recommending the following:

Ensure your shed is structurally sound, if not then take steps to improve it.

Look towards adding or improving locks (the padlock should be not less than 65mm in width and made of hardened steel), fitting alarm systems, reinforcing or getting rid of windows, if needs be (windows should be fitted with a grille fixed to steal places inside the shed).

All items within the shed or garage should additionally be locked with padlocks and chains preferably anchored to the floor or other strongpoints.

Mark all your property with indelible ink with postcodes and house numbers and advertise this fact to the thief (property marking kits and door/window stickers can be purchased from a wide range of outlets at a small cost).

Photographs of the items greatly assist the identification and recovery of stolen property as well as helping to catch and convict criminals.