Injured dog walker stranded for over an hour after woodland fall

CVSRT rescue at Hardcastle Crags
CVSRT rescue at Hardcastle Crags

A woman was left stranded in Hardastle Crags after she fell and suffered an ankle injury whilst walking her dogs.

The Calder Valley Search & Rescue Team were called out on Tuesday morning to help Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the rescue.

As there was no mobile phone signal in the woodland where she fell and very few passers-by on a cold, wet and wild morning, the woman lay injured for over an hour.

Once CVSRT team members were on-scene, the casualty was insulated from the cold ground and placed inside a group shelter to keep her safe from the elements whilst pain relief was administered and her ankle was splinted.

The woman was then packaged and stretchered to the waiting ambulance on the main access road through the Crags.

The CVSRT passed their thanks to the gamekeepers from the Walshaw Estate who comforted her until team members arrived.

They also volunteered to look after her dogs whilst she went to hospital.