Inquest into Yates’s death

Police officers outside Yates, Halifax, scene of the attack on Saturday night.
Police officers outside Yates, Halifax, scene of the attack on Saturday night.

The death of a man who died after sustaining a head injury outside a Halifax bar in an incident with a bouncer has been recorded as “misadventure” by Calderdale Coroner’s Court.

Khalid Benabid, 52, formerly of Clarence Street, Halifax, was a known town centre drinker and was barred from Yates’s Wine Lodge when he tried to enter the Silver Street bar on a Saturday night in August 2007.

The then bouncer Mark Goodwin, of Bradford, refused to allow entry to Mr Benabid - a Nigerian man known to the bouncers as “Spaniard” because of his foreign accent.

After being sat outside for 20 minutes, Mr Benabid headed towards the George Street pub entrance.

Mr Goodwin said it was a busy Saturday night, around 12pm, when he followed Mr Benabid down the Black Swan Passage pub cobbled alleyway to get ahead of the barred punter to stop him from getting in the pub via another door.

Down the dark alleyway, it is unclear how events unfolded. The former bouncer said as he attempted to pass a drunk Mr Goodwin, he began to undo his trousers and urinated against the window, in view of Saturday night drinkers.

Mr Goodwin told police he felt urine on his foot and “brushed” the victim away.

The court heard, Mr Benabid then took two steps back before falling to the ground.

Mr Goodwin left Mr Benabid in the alleyway before being alerted to the victim’s injuries shortly after.

The court heard there were varying witness accounts regarding the extent of the force of Mr Benabid’s fall.

An ambulance was called and Mr Benabid was taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital before being transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where he was treated for serious head injuries.

Black Swan Passage was later cordoned off by police and Mr Goodwin was arrested after he contacted police.

Mr Benabid, known to home care staff as a shy man, was left with physical and mental disabilities following the 2007 incident.

He was residing at a North London care home when he was taken ill and died on January 13, 2012, from widespread pneumonia sustained from the 2007 assault.

In a police statement, Mr Goodwin said: “I’m not an aggressive man. Some people think I’m a bulldozer because I’m a hefty lad, but I’m not.”

He told the coroner he no longer worked as a bouncer following the incident and was sorry he could not have attended to Mr Benabid’s injuries sooner.

Assistant Coroner Oliver Longstaff confirmed a recording of death my “misadventure” - a death due to unintentional accident without violation of law or criminal negligence, and apologised for the length of time taken to deal with the inquest due to the victim’s family’s request.