Inspirational Luke Ambler stars in new Instagram awareness campaign #hereforyou

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There’s no stopping mental health campaigner Luke Ambler in his mission to spread his #ItsOkToTalk message.

Since the viral social media campaign began last year, it has gone from strength to strength.

The simple message is one that has resonated with people on a local, national and global level, putting the spotlight on mental health and the stigma often surrounding it.

Luke, from Halifax, began the campaign in the aftermath of his brother-in-law Andrew’s suicide.

He knew he needed to make a difference and so Andy’s Man Club and #ItsOkToTalk began, with the aim of providing a safe and open for space for people to talk about their mental health.

The message is now reaching even more people following the launch of the new #hereforyou campaign, spearheaded by social media giant Instagram during Mental Health Awareness Week.

Luke stars in a new powerful, documentary-style video alongside two other Instagrammers who have been affected by mental illness and are using the social media network to share their journey with others.

The video, which has gained worldwide attention since its launch, can be viewed here.
Meanwhile, an #ITSOKAYTORIDE event from Leigh to Hulll will be held this weekend to raise awareness.

Those involved will stop each day to tell people about the Andy’s Man Club groups and the movement.

For more information, search for Andys Man Club on Facebook.