Irish dancers will wow on world stage

Two talented young dancers will fly the flag for Halifax at the World Irish Dancing Championships.

Maisie Magner-Williams and Kaitlyn Redmond, pupils at Ciara D’Arcy Academy, will compete against hundreds of other Irish dancers in the prestigious competition next month.

The girls will travel to Montreal, Candada, for the championships and both hope to dance their way to success.

At just ten-years old, Maisie, from Ovenden, already has 37 trophies and 120 medals under her belt and although she qualified for the championships last year, she was too young attend.

But this year Maisie, who is the North West Regional Qualifier, will give it her all to impress the judges when she performs the hornpipe and reel dances.

“I’ll feel over the moon if I win,” Maisie - a pupil at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, said.

“I’ve got a passion for it and whenever I’m watching something like Lord of the Dance or Riverdance, I’ve got to get up and do it with them.”

Maisie’s mum Debbie, 42, said: “I’m very proud of Maisie.

“My heart is in my throat when she’s on the stage dancing.”

And this year marks the third time Kaitlyn, 17, has qualified for the world championships.

Kaitlyn, from Pye Nest, is currently third in the region’s under-18’s category and has been dancing for 11 years.

This year she will dance the heavy jig and skip jig.

“I’m excited about the championships and as this year or next year will be my last, I really want to do the best I can.

“I’d like to teach Irish dancing in the future.”

Mum Lorraine, 39, said: “I’m as proud as punch- it’s great to see her on stage and I drag everyone to go and see her. People are always impressed.”

Dance teacher Ciara D’Arcy added: “I’m so proud, they’ve worked really, really hard to get there.”