Is this the world’s best boss?

Tony Abbott, left, and Clinton Edmundson, right
Tony Abbott, left, and Clinton Edmundson, right
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Generous Tony Abbott amazed his staff by granting dozens of wishes as a surprise at an annual ball - including a trip-of-a-lifetime to one employee who has a child with a life-threatening heart condition.

Workers at his Elland firm The Reactiv Group thought the most they were getting at the yearly conference was a free drink.

Fourteen-year-old Joe Green (second lef) is jetting off to Disney World in Florida with his parents, Matthew and Adele and siblings, Niall, 10, Tom, nine, Lucy, six and Claudia, three

Fourteen-year-old Joe Green (second lef) is jetting off to Disney World in Florida with his parents, Matthew and Adele and siblings, Niall, 10, Tom, nine, Lucy, six and Claudia, three

But Mr Abbott - who founded his fast-growing multi-million pound business five years ago - spend thousands of pounds of his own money rewarding some of his hard-working staff by making their dreams come true.

The 41-year-old father-of-two told 220 staff, partners and friends at the company’s second annual conference at The Venue, Bowers Mill, Barkisland that the company was going from strength to strength thanks to their dedication and loyalty - and granted the wishes of 26 people.

The dreams ranged from a pair of leggings with “no holes in” for Claudia Lensky, to a make-up bag full of Chanel products for Amy Priestley.

Cathryn Holness got the UGG boots she could never afford, Steve Storey got a 3D TV while Matthew Ryan made his wife, Christina, happy by getting her the large diamond she had always longed for.

But the tears really started to flow when Mr Abbott called HR manager Adele and her husband Matthew Green onto the stage.

The couple’s eldest son Joe, 14, has a life-threatening heart condition, for which there is no cure.

Mrs Green has always dreamed of taking Joe and her other four children to Disney World in Florida while he was still young and relatively healthy.

The family, of Holmfield, Halifax, had decided they could not afford a holiday this year - so were lost for words when they were called on stage and handed flight tickets, hotel accommodation booking and passes for Disney and Universal Studios.

Mr Green, 34, said: “We were both in tears and overwhelmed by Tony’s kindness. We’ve looked at a family holiday to Florida in the past but it was out of our price range. Now we are going and the children are counting down the days and are so excited.”

Joe has a condition called coarctation of the aorta, COA, which means his aorta is twisted and prevents blood flowing properly. He gets short of breath, tires easily and has to watch his diet as the condition has led to him developing type 1 diabetes.

Joe had life-saving surgery five years ago and faces more surgery in the next 18 months.

Although his consultants don’t advise it, the rugby-mad teenager plays for local team Siddal RLFC, but his parents fear his playing days could soon be over - which is why the holiday could not have come at a better time. Joe’s wish is to be a professional rugby player and visit Florida.

Mr Abbott said: “Joe plays rugby with my son, Harris, and is a super kid. As soon as I read Adele’s dream I knew I wanted to do something to help the family.”

He added: “The best bit about my job is being able to give something back and the only way this company is going to grow is by being a family and working together.”

Reactiv staff had been asked to write down their dreams as part of a work initiative.

A panel selected a short list and then Tony picked 26 winners.

The Greens were not the only ones sent on a trip of a lifetime. Chris Murgatroyd, 32, who works in sales at Reactiv, has not seen his three children, Leah, Jessica and Lennon for many years as they live in Perth, Australia with his ex-partner.

But later this year he will have a tearful reunion with them after Mr Abbott handed him plane tickets for down under.

Many of the winning dreams revolved round driving fast cars such as an Audi R8 and a McLaren Mercedes SLR round a track. Others wanted to do a charity skydive or a bungee jump, learn to snow board or fly a helicopter.

Some who wanted to help their church, the under privileged, stop animal cruelty or put a new bench by a family members’ grave, were handed cheques.

* Mr Abbott, originally from London, set up direct marketing company Reactiv in 2007 with just a handful of staff.

It now employs more than 200 people at its HQ in Gas Works Lane, Elland, a site in Nottingham and has just opened an office in London.

As well as direct marketing, it has brands in the digital, apps, mobile, finance and skincare fields.