It all adds up to sum success

Pupils at Rastrick Independent School have struck gold in a national maths competition.

Year five and six pupils took part in the Primary Maths Challenge, a competition for pupils in the upper years of primary school.

More than 84,000 children across the country took the exam, and those who did exceptionally well were awarded with certificates.

The highest scoring pupil at Rastrick was 10-year-old William Yates, who achieved the gold award - the top certificate that the challenge offers.

"I thought I might get an award,' he said, 'but I thought it might be bronze."

Other successful pupils were silver winners Sam Ward, William Luty, and Amber Prium.

Those achieving bronze were Samuel Allen, Mason Cane, Amelia Mogano, Laurence Vines and Caoimhe Nicholl. Certificates will be awarded in an assembly.

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