It has taken nearly a year.. but George is home at last

Back home: a relaxed George Ogden
Back home: a relaxed George Ogden

PENSIONER George Ogden is again enjoying home comforts after a huge gas explosion ripped through his property last July.

The 81-year-old was blown off his feet and was hospitalised after switching on his gas oven at Sandhall Green, Pellon, Halifax.

Walls were left bulging and windows were shattered in the blast which caused burns to his head and hands.

The Pennine property has had to be virtually re-built and Mr Ogden has now only recently returned to his home of 40 years.

During the re-building he has lived at Clement Court, Crossley Gardens, Halifax.

“It has taken a long time but it’s really good to be back,” he said.

“There are still lots of minor things to do but we are getting there.

“It was nice at Clement Court and I enjoyed it but it’s real to be home although it does feel strange.”

Mr Ogden said he vividly remembered the incident and recalled it seemed like it was happening in slow-motion.

He felt a gush of hot air and instinctively put his hands over his face and as he turned round saw two fires on a table which he put out.

He staggered into the living room and remembers noticing his windows had been blown out.

The huge noise from the blast alterted neighbours who led him to safety.

Mr Ogden said he was grateful to all who helped him especially his niece Susan Bentley, who lives nearby and is a regular visitor, and Pennine support staff.

And, there is no chance of a repeat incident as he now has an electric oven.