#ItsOktoTalk - Luke takes inspirational campaign to government

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Inspirational campaigner Luke Ambler walked from Halifax to London with supporters in his drive to break down the stigma surrounding mental health.

The walk was the latest event in his #ItsOKtoTalk campaign, which has gone from strength to strength since it began.

The campaign and support group Andy’s Man Club was set up in the wake of his brother-in-law Andrew’s suicide.

Luke described the event as an “emotional journey”.

He said: “We shared blood, sweat and blisters together and the stories we heard and shared along the way will stay with us forever.

“What a memorable few days - a massive thank you to everyone who walked with us, supported us and came to meet us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

The walk was designed to reach London on Monday - World Mental Health Day - where campaigners handed a letter to government.

The letter calls on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to ensure mental health is put on a par with physical health and to ensure that spending on mental health increases in line with over all spending and to support Andy’s Man Club in working with councils across the country to roll out free and accessible clubs for men with mental health issues.

It also asks the Government to take action to make sure that all local authorities have a suicide prevention action plan in place.