Jail for baby faced rapist

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A PARTY-GOER who raped a girl while she slept has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Baby-faced Marcus Shiroda, 22, of King Cross Road, Halifax, said “I’m sorry” after he attacked the 19-year-old girl after a night of heavy drinking.

Shiroda, who didn’t know the girl before that night, had been part of a group of four who had gone drinking at a flat in Sowerby Bridge.

As the night progressed, the two other members of the group, both male, fell asleep.

Soon afterwards the victim fell asleep, but woke to find Shiroda on top of her,

Bradford Crown Court yesterday heard how the girl hit him and let out a scream which woke the other two men in the room.

When police arrived to arrest Shiroda at his home the next day he was bleeding from the head having been struck with a glass bottle.

He later told officers he had drunk a litre an a half of cider and five cans of Stella, and that he had no recollection of the events.

Shiroda pleaded guilty to one count of rape.

Oliver Jarvis, defending, said: “He realises this is a serious offence and knows he needs to be punished. It’s a fact that he had drunk himself into oblivion because he had all sorts of problems in his personal life.

“He can’t take back his actions and can’t turn back the clock. He accepts it all,” said Mr Jarvis.

Judge Christopher Batty gave Shiroda credit for his guilty plea and the fact he had been assaulted as a result of his actions.

“I’ve seen photographs of your injuries and you are entitled to a slight reduction because some justice was meted out to you,” the judge said.

“You were no doubt attracted to her but she made it clear that under no circumstances did she wish to engage in sexual activity with you.

“You have no recollection of these events but sadly she has a far too clear recollection.”

Shiroda will be released in 18 months on license and must sign the sexual offences register for the rest of his life.