Jason's death is blamed on drink

A MUM has spoken of her heartache following the inquest into her son's alcohol-related death.

Jason Horne was found collapsed at home at Stainland Road, Greetland, and died aged 38 at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

The inquest heard Jason started drinking aged 15 and he ended up unable to work and disabled.

Janet Horne, also of Greetland, said despite his problems he was loved by everybody.

"It was just the drink that got hold of him in the end. He is very sadly missed," she said.

Until his health deteriorated Jason used to help addicts at the Basement Project, Halifax.

His family helped him where they could and got him a mobility scooter but he only rode it twice before his death last October.

"He was a brilliant kid and I really do miss him," said Mrs Horne.

"I used to go down every day to do his shopping and washing."

Mrs Horne's written statement to the Huddersfield inquest said Jason worked as a fabricator/welder and would go out drinking with workmates.

"Every time he became stressed he hit the bottle," she said.

Jason had two children from an earlier relationship and his eldest child had just come back into his life three months before he died.

"He continued drinking, he was a happy drunk and did not get ill until eight years ago. He would not get help," said Mrs Horne.

Jason, who drank mainly cider, started suffering alcohol-induced fits and finally turned to help. He was detoxified in hospital but it became a process which repeated itself.

Shortly before he died he was admitted to Calderdale Royal Hospital for a blood transfusion and his mum said he knew he was dying and discharged himself.

"He wanted to die at home," she said.

Jason was found slumped in his flat and was taken to hospital where he deteriorated the following day and died.

Coroner Roger Whittaker recorded a verdict of accidental death.

He said Jason had scalp bruising and suffered a haemorrhage linked to a recent fall. He said he had a cirrhotic liver and alcohol liver disease was a contributory factor to his death.