Jazz like father . . . like son

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A jazz band played to mark the passing of 68-year-old Howard Maude - just months after playing at his father’s funeral.

Howard and his dad Richard, who died in April aged 95, were both linked to the Phoenix New Orleans Parade Jazz Band.

When Richard died Howard asked his colleagues to play at the funeral held at Park Wood Crematorium, Elland.

Just 10 days later Howard, of Watkinson Road, Illingworth, Halifax, was diagnosed with cancer and he died last month.

His cousin, Vivienne Maude, of Huddersfield, paid tribute to Howard.

“He was as caring a person as you would wish to find. A real problem solver who would help anybody out,” she said.

Howard enjoyed real ale and was an avid campaigner on behalf of bus passengers and even had a collection of miniature buses.

He often wrote on their behalf to the Courier’s letters page and Halifax MP Linda Riordan.

Friends and family attending his service were told by Minister David Ramanauskas, of Christ Church, Pellon, Halifax, that Howard had a dramatic start to life.

He was born in Woodford Green, Essex in June 1944 under the stairs in a middle of an air raid during the Second World War.

When he was aged seven his family moved to Halifax and he attended Parkinson Lane Junior School and Battinson Road Senior School.

He worked for former Halifax brewers, Whitaker’s and Webster’s and was the hospitality manager for Webster’s at Long Can, Halifax.

His love of real ale extended to his home where he had his own pub in the cellar of his house.

He brewed his own real ales and helped a micro brewery in the production of beers for commercial sale.

Both, father and son were keen radio hams and shared a love of jazz.

Howard was a self-taught drummer and played in several bands.