Jemma crafts a supplies website

Skills: Jemma Bates.
Skills: Jemma Bates.

A mum in Halifax has her future all sewn up after launching her own e-commerce website.

Jemma Bates has started her own business, called The Sewing Mill, which supplies all kinds of haberdashery, ribbons, fabrics, thread and yarns, and other craft supplies to a growing customer base.

Jemma worked in her mum’s Halifax Market haberdashery shop for a few years before starting her venture.

Her interest and involvement in all things craft and haberdashery isn’t a recent thing.

In fact, before opening her online store, she had been part of the industry for many years.

As a child, Jemma liked nothing more than to rush to her mother’s sewing and crafts shop (The Sewing Box) located in Halifax’s Victorian market after a day at school and watch the comings and goings of the local community from a small stool located behind the counter.

As Jemma grew, so too did her interest in the business, and she enjoyed talking to her mother’s customers and finding out what crafty creations they were currently working on.

Jemma aims to bring the same fantastic range of haberdashery items to a much larger audience, and through her experience at her mother’s popular shop, she meticulously planned her website.

A spokesman said: “Through The Sewing Mill, Jemma hopes to keep the skill of sewing alive and continue the work that her mother started all those years ago. She is looking forward to welcoming customers old and new to her e-commerce store.”

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