Jimmy Savile victims as young as five

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Jimmy Savile’s 68 victims in the region were aged between five and 45, according to a police report.

West Yorkshire Police has said that some of the offences took place in hospitals throughout West Yorkshire including Leeds General Infirmary, St James Hospital, Dewsbury and District Hospital and High Royds Hospital.

There are currently 79 crimes involving the victims committed in the region bu none of them were previously reported prior to Savile’s death.

In a statement released this morning it says: “In releasing further information about Savile’s offending West Yorkshire considered the potential impact on any current investigations and the possibility, however, slight, of identifying victims.

“Victims have reported offences which have taken place in hospitals. The main location of these offences was Leeds General Infirmary with complaints from 23 victims, ranging from aged five to 34.

“Two victims were offences at St James Hospital, Leeds, aged five to 12. One victim is unsure whether it was St James or LGI due to the passage of time.

“One victim, who was aged 15 at the time of the offence, was at Dewsbury and District Hospital, and two were at High Royds Hospital, aged five and 45.

“In some cases it has not been possible to ascertain the age at the time of the offence as there are some offences where the victim has not provided a date of birth.

“We are well aware that an independent investigation into Savile’s associations with hospitals in Leeds is currently underway. Out of consideration for that process, we cannot comment further on Savile’s offending at this time.”