Job cuts at Shelf Mills

InterfaceFLOR UK is set to cut up to 18 jobs at its manufacturing site at Shelf.

The company, which deals with floor coverings and other textiles, announced the redundancies on Wednesday.

Director Steve Martin said: "This proposal follows a review of efficiencies across our European business.

"The affected jobs are in our bitumen backing line, where we are proposing to reduce the number of shifts from two to one, and in the warehouse.

"We have started consultation with the union and the individuals at risk and will work hard to minimise the number of people subject to compulsory redundancy, both by offering voluntary redundancy and by redeploying operatives in the tufting operation at our Shelf plant, where we will be making further investment.

"We hope that the final figure will be closer to 10 than to 18."

The company will keep some of its backing capability at Shelf Mills but its sister site in The Netherlands has bespoke machinery which could see output doubled per shift and less workers would be needed.