Joshua’s pedal power to Paris

Joshua Moore and his team mates
Joshua Moore and his team mates

A student took to the pedals when he embarked on a staggering challenge and cycled from his college all the way to Paris.

Twenty-year-old Joshua Moore completed the grueling 320 mile marathon route over a four day period.

The sports studies student, originally from Queensbury, teamed up with 15 of his classmates to raise funds for the Bradford Bulls Foundation.

Joshua, who’s due to begin university at Middlesex in September, said it was a rewarding challenge.

He said: “I’ve always just wanted to really do something like that so I thought why not.

“The ride was hard because of the pain but other than that I didn’t find the cycling hard.

“The first day we did 110 miles from Cambridge to Dover and we got lost a bit so that added on another 20 miles.

“It was mostly A roads up until we went to France. We didn’t go straight from Calais to Paris we went across to Belgium first, that was quite nice through nice little villages and stuff.

“Probably the third day was the most challenging. It was a 90 mile bike ride. It was just the hours of constant hill climb that really did take it out of you when it’s 35 degrees and very humid.”

On crossing the finish line - where he was greeted by his girlfriend’s family - he said the exhaustion had got to him.

Joshua said: “It was just like excitement as well as relief that I’ve done it and I don’t have to go any further. I don’t think I could have gone any further, I was just exhausted.”

Personally, Joshua raised £140 for the cause.