Kate’s key message to inspire

Kate Hardcastle (right) with Diana Award winner Sophie Allen
Kate Hardcastle (right) with Diana Award winner Sophie Allen

A Calderdale woman at the centre of a number of charities is encouraging others to nominate inspiring young people for an award.

Businesswoman Kate Hardcastle, 36, mum to daughter Nya, 5, travels around the country and abroad as a business consultant but works on campaigns for charities in and among working and spending time with her family.

In particular, Kate works as an ambassador for the Diana Award - a charity that awards inspiring young people.

Kate said: “I’m passionate about the Diana Award and I’m keen to help this award grow. I’ve seen how receiving a Diana Award can transform a young person’s life.

“If we can help one child it would make a big difference.”

Kate is an ambassador for several charities that help people around the country, including Women’s Sports Fitness Foundation, Women’s Sport Trust, RSPCA, Welcome to Yorkshire, a friend of Yorkshire Children of Courage, a spokesperson for endometriosis and on the voluntary board for Women’s Aid.

As well as that, Kate runs the Positive Image campaign which focuses on inspiring confidence in young people and Charity Dreamgirls, who work with selected charities yearly to tell their story to audiences.

Kate is urging people to nominate any young person that they think is socially active and inspiring. For more information on the award, visit www.diana-award.org.uk