Kids go ape for animal elections

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Polling has now closed at the Greetland Academy primary school as Key Stage 1 pupils cast their vote for a choice of two rival candidates - a monkey and a parrot.

Both candidates have submitted manifestos and pupils have been campaigning on their favourite candidate’s behalf for the past three week.


The monkey has pledged:

- shorter play-times

- flavoured milk

- more toys in the playground

- a longer school day

The parrot has pledged::

- longer play-times

- no pizza or sausage for lunch… ever.

- more homework for Year 1, but only Year 1

- pupils can bring sweets at playtime

Vice Principal Sarah Reed said: “A couple of the pupils came down to the real polling station with their parents before they came to school and then came in and voted for either the monkey or the parrot.

“The pupils have had to weigh up the pros and cons of each manifesto and decide who they want to vote for - just like we all have.”.

Early polls suggest the parrot and the monkey are neck-and-neck, but one the candidates may have made a monkey out of themselves with a poorly-received tweet.