Kids will see some real rocket science

Darren Fearnley, 26, of Siddal
Darren Fearnley, 26, of Siddal
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Budding boffins are in for an explosive night as they become scientists for a day.

Youngsters will get the chance to take part in experiments using custard, cornflakes and mini-rocket ships as part of a research night at the University of Huddersfield.

The fun experiments will be displayed by staff from Euerka in Halifax, who hope to combine education with entertainment.

Among the Eureka team will be Darren Fearnley, 26, of Siddal, who will be entertaining children on the night.

Darren, who graduated in Drama from the University in 2008, said: “It will be a fun night and looking at some of the acitivities we have planned, it could be quite messy, but the kids love that.”

The Eureka team will set up a mini-research station at the University and youngsters will find out how to make water disappear, carry out a scientific investigation into the properties of custard, plus an experiment with a magnet that shows that breakfast cereals really do contain iron.

There will also be a chance to and launch mini-rockets powered by a mixture of alka-seltzer and vinegar.

The researchers’ night at the University of Huddersfield is free of charge and offers a huge range of activities, including science demonstrations, textile workshops and inspiring talks by world-class scientists on Friday 23 September. Jenny Parker, who is play and learning co-ordinator at Eureka, said she was delighted the children’s museum was making a contribution to Researchers’ Night.

“It is great to do things in our local community and we hope to inspire a lot of interest not only in science but also in the idea of further education and university study,” she said.