Kim cheering on England in World Cup quarter-final - despite divided loyalities

Frank Worthington with his daughter Kim-Malou
Frank Worthington with his daughter Kim-Malou

The daughter of former England footballer Frank Worthington will be a very interested spectator when Gareth Southgate’s team go head-to-head with Sweden in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

The mother of Kim-Malou Worthington, from Hebden Bridge, is Birgitta, a former Miss Sweden, who lives in her native country, meaning Kim has strong ties with the nation.

“They split up many years ago when i was four or five years old and my dad met his current wife when I was seven.

“My mother, brother and half brother all live in Sweden.

“I know they are very much into their football in Sweden, but I feel the there is nothing quite like the British fans, we really supports our team strongly”

“I’ve recently done my ancestry and found out that there is some Scandinavian links on my father’s side too.

“I’m actually 69 per cent Swedish, so it’s a tricky one!

“My blood is more Swedish than English, but of course I’ll be rooting for England. Plus my dad played for them.

“I’ll be watching the game with my daughter, who is coming back from Sweden tonight (Friday), where she’s been visiting family.

“I think it’s going to be a great match. I don’t think we have a very good record against them but I’m optimistic.

“My dad always instilled in me to think positively so hopefully this is our year to win it.”