Kind-hearted Phoebe, 5, is on a mission to bring a smile this Christmas

Craig George, fundraising manager at SmartMove, with young fundraiser, Phoebe Ransley
Craig George, fundraising manager at SmartMove, with young fundraiser, Phoebe Ransley

A kind-hearted little girl is on a mission to spread some joy this Christmas by creating special care packages for homeless people.

Adorable Phoebe Ransley, five, from Sowerby Bridge, has been working hard to create the packages - from writing her own letters to shops asking for donations to decorating all the bags by hand.

Later this month, they will be distributed to those in need by Halifax-based charity SmartMove, which helps to find homeless and vulnerably housed people accommodation.

Proud mum Toni Riley, 26, said: “When walking through town, we always either give spare change or buy food and coffee for homeless people we pass.

“Phoebe started asking more and more questions - why these people were sat outside and why we were giving them food, drink and money. We had a talk about how these people did not have a home to go to, which meant no food, no money and no warmth.”

Bolton Brow Primary Academy pupil Phoebe was desperate to help in any way she could and decided to start making the care packages.

Support soon began to flood in from well-wishers and retailers. As well as asking for donations, Phoebe created a list of jobs she could complete at home, in return for 50 pence per task, which she could then use to buy items for the packages. They include essentials like toiletries, non-perishable foods as well as warm socks, gloves and a hat.

“We are beyond proud of Phoebe. She is so caring and thoughtful and has a heart of gold, always putting others before herself and making sure those around her are happy,” Toni said.

“She has already said that she can’t wait to start helping more charities. On behalf of Phoebe, a huge thank you for the support everybody has given her. It really has shown how much of a strong, loving community we live in.”

SmartMove’s Craig George described Phoebe’s effort as “amazing”.

“We are currently supporting around 400 homeless and vulnerably housed people and, by the looks of it, most of these will benefit in some way from Phoebe’s hard work and the generosity of the Calderdale community,” he said.

“We would like to thank everyone who has donated goods towards putting the gift bags together. Young people like Phoebe should be a shining example to others.”