Kind words in solidarity

Following the devastating Boxing Day flooding, Hebden Royd Town Council received a letter of sympathy from the Mayor of Lewes Town Council, East Sussex.

Councillor Susan Murray, wanted to express her solidarity to the town and the letter explained how Lewes has also been flooded and the town understands the time it takes to recover from the destruction.

The letter is especially poignant as there is a historical relationship between the two towns. In the 12th century, The Lord Manor of Halifax was also the Prior of Lewes.

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After seeing how much support was needed in the town, Lewes Town Council also offered a donation to help with the recovery. This was done in correlation with the Mayor’s theme for the year, which focuses on supporting the written word, so it asked for the donation to be given to the Book Case, Market Street, which was destroyed by flooding.

James Fearon, the Mayor of Hebden Royd, said: “We thank all the people of Lewes for their concern and support. The theme of words is really important, as kind words go a long long way in situations like this.”