Landlord dumped hazardous goods outside Calderdale support centre

Dumped: Mattresses removed by electricity contractors
Dumped: Mattresses removed by electricity contractors

Notice has been served by Calderdale Council on a landlord who has been dumping items cleared from a house onto the pavement next to a support cenre for vulnerable people.

Asha Ramzan of The Next Step Trust, which supports adults with learning disabilities and complex health needs, said goods ranging from piles of old mattresses to furniture were among items dumped next to its premises spasmodically over a period of weeks by the same man clearing things out of what appeared to be an abandoned house. It had become a health hazard, she said.

The mattresses had been moved by another authority but piles of other goods were still there and no skip had appeared.

“I ended up ringing the electricity people to tell them that they had these things up against their sub-station premises and they had their contractors remove the mattresses that were dumped,” said Asha.

“But everything else is there. It’s a complete eyesore especially if it has been infested and we run a full kitchen from here. There are tyres and bin bags. It smells. It’s just going to fester and create more mice and the like. Every morning I have to walk into it to get to work, or if I go out for a break.”

Calderdale Council’s director of economy and environment, Mark Thompson, said last week that notice had been served on the owner of the premises under the provision of Prevention of Damage by Pests Act, giving him a date it had to be cleared by. An officer would check this had been done and assess the situation.