Latest meeting over plans

NEW HOMES, improved tourism and links with the BBC – just some of the plans which could shape Todmorden over the next 20 years.

Around 40 people went to Todmorden Town Hall for a consultation about the Local Development Framework.

The strategy will shape the planning objectives for Calderdale over the next two decades and residents were told about four Calderdale-wide options.

It could see development focused on the east of Calderdale, Elland or Todmorden or could stay the same.

If option two – to develop Todmorden were chosen – 1,900 new homes could be built in the wider Todmorden area.

Todmorden resident Kerry Morrison said: “That seems a very large growth in the housing alone and what about the jobs for this new population? I don’t like the idea of these coming from a top-down directive, and not just allowing the town to organically grow. “I find it worrying,” she said.

Planning officers said the numbers were just a guide.

Other concerns included the effect of building Todmorden into a “Principal Town”.

David Jones, who lives at Whirlow Rocks said: “Todmorden isn’t really designed for developing.”

He said money should be focused on outlaying areas like the Ashenhurst Estate.

“Push the development where people actually want it,” he said.

Ideas from the audience included generating tourism from the Rochdale canal and building up green power sources, including hydro energy.

It was also revealed discussions are taking place about linking Todmorden with the development of the new MediaCityUk – which will see many BBC services moved from London to Salford.

Planning officers said they wanted to continue to build on the independent businesses which thrive in the area.

Officer Matthew Good said: “This area is not really attractive to larger local businesses because they want access to the motorways but it is attractive to creative businesses.”

He said one idea might be to copy successful enterprise centre’s like the Elsie Whiteley centre, Halifax.

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