Lee Kenny: Objective Omnipresence - various methods to raise your profile

Lee Kenny, managing director of Snowflake Media.
Lee Kenny, managing director of Snowflake Media.

Six years ago I attended my first school PTA meeting shortly after my daughter’s first few days at primary school.

I’m not sure how it happened, but I left an hour later having just been made chair carrying several rather large folders with everything I needed to know. I remember the excitement of the possibilities.

Liz and I sat up for four or five hours writing out all the initiatives we could do to raise funds for the school. Despite never having done anything like it before, we had a record-breaking year thanks to all the other members of the committee, the parents and a feeling of omnipresence. So how can you implement this in your business to ensure that you balance the demands on your time?

Plan in advance

To be on your perfect prospects radar is going to take time and effort. The challenge for most smaller businesses is that marketing themselves in #19 on that days to-do list, which means it often doesn’t get done. Commit time and energy in advance and book an appointment on your calendar to get it done

Choose relevant methods

When I say be everywhere, I don’t literally mean everywhere. If your audience is never going to be on snapchat in a million years, you don’t need to be on there either.

Use the channels likely to hit the perfect prospect or customer for your business and prioritise them based on relevance and also likely upside to your business.

Don’t dismiss methods too quickly though. For example, its easy to dismiss Facebook as a relevant source to reach senior banking or accountancy professionals. However, the demise of the printed photograph in most homes means that Facebook is often the main place they go to see their grandkids photos.

Creativity and community

Kick up your activity levels and get creative. Our businesses over the past couple of years have been involved in a huge amount of varying activities.

I’m pleased to say this has not all been for our own benefit.

We dedicate time, money and staff to good causes regularly which not only benefits the charities, but also our team too.

Here’s just a few of the things you can do to raise your profile and new business!

Networking, sponsorship, advertising in local magazines through to national newspapers. Expert commentary on a radio or TV station. Become a trustee for a local charity.

Join the board of governors or PTA at the local school. Direct Mail. Join a club like the Round Table, Ladies Circle or the Rotary Club. Volunteer at a charity. Use Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter more often. There is no shortage of opportunity, but I can tell you the rewards are substantial.

Lee Kenny is managing director at Snowflake Media.