Lee Kenny social media column: Eliminate the competition with Facebook and Google

Lee Kenny
Lee Kenny

Competition for business has never been tougher, especially in the online business. However some businesses are taking advantage of a little known loophole to get their business exceptional results. Let me explain.

Try a little experiment. Type your business type and location in to Google (other search engines are available). How many search results listings do you see? Probably over one million right?

What’s worse is that you aren’t competing on a level playing field. There are advertisements, national businesses, what seem like irrelevant businesses who’ve spent lots of money on search engine optimisation and then videos.

So how are you meant to compete effectively without spending thousands of pounds or endless hours trying to optimise your site? The answer...video.

Here’s the scoop. YouTube, owned by Google, has a priority status in the search engine results. So imagine if you were to upload a video and label it “women’s clothes shop in Halifax” to YouTube. The next time someone typed that phrase in to Google, instead of you competing with 2,350,000 results (really that’s how many there were) your video would actually sit at the top of the results, without paying a penny.

Guess how many other videos you would be up against? Zero. So that’s going from a potential tenth page obscurity to top of the listings and thousands of visits to your video and site for free.

News just came out from social bakers this week that marketers are uploading more videos to Facebook than YouTube for the first time. And there’s good reason.

Facebook has prioritised video too. In fact, Facebook has an internal target that 30 per cent of any user’s newsfeed should be video.

There’s no traffic on the extra mile. Knowing that video can help you reach more customers for less money is no startling revelation. The plain fact is that many businesses, perhaps your business, just can’t “get around to it”.

A bit like knowing we should eat better, drink less and exercise more. A good theory, but not one everyone participates in. That’s what makes it even more exciting. Whilst so few people are doing it, now is the time for you to seize the day. You’ll be rewarded in the short and long term.

Little and often. Anyone with a smartphone or laptop can shoot a two or three minute video and upload it to Facebook and YouTube. If you don’t know how to do it, there are 101 tutorials on YouTube and Facebook (where else, right). If you start today and record a two-minute video every few days, that’s ten to 12 per month, or more than 100 videos this year. Even if an average of 25 people saw the videos, that would be 2,500 extra awareness and traffic to your business.

The key is getting started. Set yourself small goals. The first one you do will be horrible and seem to take forever. It always gets easier, faster and better. Don’t think about recording 100 videos. Just the next one. And after that? You got it. The next one!

Lee Kenny,

managing director of Snowflake Media