Let Hannah carry the torch

Gary Verity and Hannah Cockroft
Gary Verity and Hannah Cockroft
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OUR paralympic hopeful Hannah Cockroft is in line to be one of the Olympic flame torchbearers as it tours around Britain.

The Olympic flame will make a 70-stop tour of Britain, in the lead-up to the London 2012 games.

Nominations have now opened to find the 600 people who should carry the flame during its six day trip to Yorkshire.

Each of the lucky nominees will carry it 300m.

Wheelchair sprinter Hannah from Mount Tabor, Halifax, has been given the only vote from “Welcome to Yorkshire” Chief Executive Gary Verity.

He said Hannah was the obvious choice.

“She’s a great inspiration to a large number of people and a world champion and record holder. She’s got a tremendously positive attitude.

“Hannah’s been a great ambassador for Yorkshire and for Halifax,” Mr Verity told the Courier.

Hannah is now all but certain to take her place on the startline for the 100m and 200m sprint.

She was told she had been nominated on Monday just hours after arriving home from Italy.

“It’s such an honour. He could have nominated so many different people. If I get to do it, it’d be a once in a lifetime chance,” she said.

Despite being the current world champion and four-times world record holder she has to continue training hard to maintain her standing.

Her next training trip is to the world’s fastest track in Switzerland before jetting off to Florida.

“The Swiss track is fantastic. I did it last year and being able to race amongst the best in the world, it’s just great.”

A panel will select some of the torchbearers, with others being chosen from a ballot.

The London 2012 games start on July 27 with the Paralympics starting in 468 days.

To make a nomination vote online at www.london2012.com/olympictorchrelay by 11.59pm on June 29.