Letters: In defence of the Christian faith

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This week Courier readers leapt to the defence of their faith after a reader had said Christianity was “irrelevant to most people”

Graham Rigby from Jubilee Road, Siddal, said: “It is easy to ridicule the Christian faith, forgetting all the freedoms which we now enjoy and which is generally appreciated by people including intelligent atheists.”


Linda Oswin from Butts Green Lane, Warley, said: “While accepting that, both in our individual lives and religious institutions, our egocentric impulses too often distort God’s truth and mercy into prejudice, sectarianism, fundamentalism, misogyny, homophobia and downright abuse and cruelty, I maintain that, in the words of Pope Benedict XVI, religion is a “vital contributor to the national conversation” on how we may best achieve the public good.”


Nick Burchnall from Kell Butts, Wainstalls, said: “In a world where, for example, corporate exploitation, inhospitality to refugees and individualism are not uncommon, and where many of the strong and the rich (nations, companies and individuals) are more intent on defending their own privileged position than in extending an arm to the weak and the vulnerable, the message of the Gospel needs to be heard now as much as ever.”