Lewd sexual acts ruining Brighouse beauty spot

Clifton Lagoon, Brighouse.
Clifton Lagoon, Brighouse.

Anglers and walkers at a beauty spot in Brighouse are fighting to clamp down on people using the area for lewd acts and sexual activity.

Members of Bradford No.1 Angling Association who fish at the nature spot of Kirklees Lagoon, off Wakefield Road, Brighouse, are aiming to crackdown on the behaviour in an area regularly used by families who use the popular recreational ground.

The club have been battling the problem for years and are looking to eradicate problems by working with Calderdale Council and the police.

Calder Valley NPT inspector Rachel Bairstow said: “The Valleys Neighbourhood Police Team are aware of the concerns raised about apparent sexual activity in the area near to Kirklees Lagoon and are continuing to work closely with partners and relevant agencies.

“It is not illegal for people to meet at sites such as the Lagoon. Where behaviour may constitute a criminal offence, all reports will always be treated seriously and dealt with sensitively.”

The problem has got so bad over the years at the lagoon that a health group has taped condoms to trees.

The angling club are advising people must not confront people committing ‘illegal activities’ or allow violence to take place.

In a statement the clubs has said: “If you do witness such ‘activities’ taking place, please report it to us by emailing ask_us@bradfordno1.com, including your name, address, date and time and the location.

“Please note that complaining to our bailiffs to report the incident is not sufficient as all the reports are coming from one person and are dealt with by the authorities as just being one incident, we need complaints from individuals for action to be taken.

“We have also been informed that it will only be dealt with as an offence being committed if the email states the witness felt “harassed”, “alarmed” or “distressed” by the incident, so please include this in the report.”