Library fines top £30k

MORE than £30,000 is owed to Calderdale Council in library fines from the past three years.

From 2008/9, £10,486 is still outstanding, with another £11,710 is outstanding from 2009.

The figures were obtained by the Courier under the Freedom of Information act.

They show already this year £9.673 of outstanding fines have been racked up by Calderdale library users bringing the total to £31,869.

Late return fees for books, music, language courses and talking books are 15p per day after the initial three-week lending period.

DVDs are charged at £1.25 for premium titles and 30p per day for non-premium.

Gary Borrows, Head of Cultural Services said most of the fines are for small amounts, but if a member owes a large sum, an invoice will be sent for the council to recover the sum.

Borrowing rights can be suspended until fines are paid off.

The library service lends approximately one million items every year.