‘Lifeline’ food banks helping stop hunger in region

Donations to Chesterfield Food Bank
Donations to Chesterfield Food Bank

Desperate families are turning to local food banks in “very significant” numbers to relieve their hunger.

National emergency food provider the Trussell Trust revealed in new figures that a record high 1,109,309 people have depended on its three-day supplies in the last financial year.

Figures were unavailable for the food bank in Wyke, because it was set up in June before the start of the financial year – but joint project manager Bob Moon described the numbers as “very, very significant.”

In line with the national trend, the main reasons that people have turned to the Blackstone Avenue service for help is a lack of funds due to benefit sanctions or delays and low pay.

Between June and March, 511 people have used the Wyke food bank – 281 adults and 230 children have been given meals.

Mr Moon said that 82 per cent of the people who had visited the service had done so because of benefit changes and delays or low income.

He added: “There are many that come here and say this is a lifeline to them.

“For some people it’s just a bridge between getting their delayed benefits. The stats stand out for themselves. It’s very, very clear.”

The number of people using the service also spikes when children are on school holidays, he said.