Lightcliffe Academy: On top form for future success

Vertical tutoring at the academy has embedded well across the first term and one of the newly appointed heads of house, Jen Risdon has been developing a programme of enrichment projects to engage the newly created forms.

Students from the same year are in forms with groups of students from other years across years 7 to 11. There are six houses made up of over 50 form groups who have 20 minutes each day either in classrooms or assemblies mixing together with their tutors.

This term a ‘£10 Challenge’ has encouraged forms to change things for the better and work together on ideas to grow their money for a good cause.

Ideas so far have included making and selling cards/gifts for Valentine’s Day 
and performing songs for a fee.

Keen to get started on the enterprise project has been Ms Marslands group who took full responsibility for the marketing and producing of a hot dog sale raising £150.

This has already been donated to the Calderdale Flood Relief Appeal.

Turning over new leaf

Students from Lightcliffe Academy have celebrated this week’s national storytelling week with a variety of activities.

Across school, students have been discussing the importance of storytelling as part of their pastoral curriculum as well as sharing all of their favourite tales. Each day at lunchtime the library has been filled with students listening to senior teachers taking it in turns to perform sections from their well-loved novels, encouraging students to develop a love for reading even more.

It is hoped that year seven students will now be inspired to take part in the national 500 words short story competition promoted by Radio 2. This age group are eligible to enter the annual competition led by DJ Chris Evans, which encourages students to craft a creative masterpiece.

This year our students are very lucky to have the support of teacher, author and competition judge Mr Burnett, who will be sharing his expertise, nurturing the entrants, ensuring they have a positive experience competing nationally.