Lily Godfrey remembered by loved ones

Lily Godfrey
Lily Godfrey

Many long term residents of upper Calder Valley have been saddened by the death of Lily Godfrey last week at the age of 84 years.

Many will see her passing as another sign of the disappearance of an old Yorkshire way of life. Lily, for all her adult life, was a seeker of excellence.

Born in Barnsley of mining stock, Lily’s family moved to Calderdale while Lily was still a schoolgirl and lived in the Luddenden Foot area for the rest of her life. For thirty-seven years she worked as a weaver and a winder at Fairlie Mill, and married Eric Godfrey later in life. Lily’s high quality of work and her ability to get on with people were recognised by her employers and she found herself training new workers in weaving and winding.

Both Eric and Lily enjoyed ridge and moor walking all around the area, were knowledgeable bird watchers and cared about environmental issues.

The Queen once said, on a visit to Ground Zero, that grief is the price we pay for love. There are many in the upper Calder Valley who will have cause to remember Lily Godfrey for the contribution she mad to their careers and personal and communal lives. Alan Seager.