Linda: I didn’t back bombs

Labour’s Linda Riordan was among the 13 MPs who voted in the Commons against air strikes on Libya.

The Halifax MP said: “I have so many reservations about this conflict that, after much thought, I decided to vote against military intervention.

“The images of innocent people bloodied and dying in the devastating destruction is simply awful.”

Mrs Riordan said nations should be trying to secure peace and stability in the region instead of bombing it.

“The approach we are taking will not help and I don’t think we have grasped the impact this is having in the wider community.

“I know from talking with constituents in Halifax how concerned they are about these constant attacks on foreign countries.”

Nine Labour MPs, one Conservative, one Green MP and two from the SDLP voted against military action and 557 in favour.

During the six-hour debate, most speakers said force was needed to stop Muammar Gaddafi killing more of his own people.

The Prime Minister assured MPs that Libya would not become “another Iraq”.