Lloyds employee helps to make a difference

A Lloyds Banking Group worker has been appointed as a new business connector for Calderdale.

Paul Dent has taken a secondment from his post as a business architect in Lloyds Bank to fulfil his new role.

The programme aims to put experienced individuals from the business world into communities of greatest need - allowing them to use their time, networks and expertise to make a real difference.

Mr Dent said: “Playing a part in supporting my local community has always been a key part of my life so it’s not hard to imagine how delighted I was when Lloyds Bank gave me the opportunity to take a year out of my regular job to work full time as a Business Connector.

“For me it’s about helping to create better social cohesion, working with diffeent sized businesses and good causes across the region to help them develop and support the local community.”