Lottery cash for Calderdale cafe club

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A VILLAGE has been awarded nearly £50,000 of lottery cash to create a community cafe.

The Old Library Group will convert the building at Cornholme, Todmorden, which closed several years ago.

It will have internet access, help promote healthy eating as well as provide a place for people to meet and socialise.

Money will be raised through the sale of food and drinks, and a delivery services will be set up for customers who are unable to get out and about.

Committee member Rachel Julian said: “This is a huge opportunity to create a warm, accessible, friendly cafe in the village. “We need a place to share ideas, meet and where anyone in the village can get support or access the internet.”

The Community Foundation for Calderdale owns the building and leases it to the group which hopes to finish renovating it by February. It should open in March.

Lottery spokeswoman Vanessa White said: “This project shows what can be achieved when a community pulls together.”