Loud bang heard in Calderdale as hundreds of homes lose power and water

Pictures of damaged Longfield Road in Todmorden sent in by Helen Heap
Pictures of damaged Longfield Road in Todmorden sent in by Helen Heap

Residents have spoken about how they heard a loud bang moments before hundreds of properties in Calderdale lost their power and water supplies.

A large water main burst in Calderdale iin the OL14 area around Longfield Road, Todmorden, is believed to have caused the power outage.

The burst has caused damage to an electric cable and Yorkshire Water is working with the electricity board to resolve the problem.

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A resident of Longfield Road sent in these photos of the the road being lifted above the pavement, and how the tarmac has cracked and risen into a bubble.

The resident said: "The power went off at just over 500 locations around Todmorden last night at around 10pm.

"The number of houses that had lost power reduced during the night.

"At 2.50am the power was returned to Longfield Road followed by the police knocking on people's doors to get them to move their cars at 3am

"People reported a bang at around the same time as the electricity went off. That may have been the water main bursting or it may have been the electricity going."

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