Maldives police pledge: We’ll see justice is done

Emma Oldfield & Jonathan Gray
Emma Oldfield & Jonathan Gray
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A POLICE chief in the Maldives has vowed that “justice will be served” over the tragic deaths of honeymooners Emma and Jonathan Gray.

Insp Mohammed Riyaz is leading the investigation into the quadbike crash that killed the much-loved couple from Halifax.

He told the Courier yesterday: “We will investigate this accident and if there is anything criminal, be assured justice will be served.”

The driver of the quadbike was identified yesterday as Swedish national Filip Eugen Petre, 23 – the son of a shareholder of the company which operates the Kuredu Island Resort where the 25-year-old couple were staying.

He is currently in hospital being treated for injuries from the crash.

Insp Riyaz said: “He is not under arrest but his passport is with police, which means he can’t leave the country for the time being.

“Because it was a fatal accident which caused the death of two British nationals, under Maldives law, if someone drives dangerously or recklessly which causes death, that person may face criminal charges.”