Man jailed after ‘shocking’ Halifax street attack over neighbour’s bin

Bradford Crown Court'' / Thomas Temple
Bradford Crown Court'' / Thomas Temple

A 25-year-old man has been jailed after a street confrontation in Halifax earlier this year.

Sean Davanna attacked one man with a length of wood embedded with nails and then armed himself with a bread knife during the early afternoon disturbance in Constitutional Street in March.

Bradford Crown Court heard that the origin of the altercation between Davanna, his girlfriend and two unknown men was unclear, but the defendant claimed later that one of the men had kicked over a neighbour’s wheelie bin.

Prosecutor Austin Newman said workers at the nearby RSPCA premises witnessed the disturbance which involved Davanna grabbing a piece of scaffolding pole as he ran aggressively towards one of the men.

After discarding the pole Davanna then grabbed a long piece of wood which had nails embedded in it and after knocking one male to the ground he used the piece of wood to pin him down.

Mr Newman said the wood, which broke into two pieces, was across the man’s neck and Davanna was effectively “throttling” him with it.

The court heard that the other male may have suggested he had a knife to get Davanna off his friend, but the defendant then got up suddenly and rushed into his home on Constitutional Street.

Mr Newman said the men ran off, but Davanna then came out of his home brandishing the bread knife which had a serrated blade and chased after them.

The court heard that “shocked and concerned” witnesses alerted the police and they arrested Davanna when they arrived at his home.

At the time of the incident in March Davanna was still subject to a suspended prison sentence imposed almost a year before for an affray.

He again pleaded guilty to affray in relation to the latest disturbance and also admitted two offences of possessing offensive weapons.

His barrister Camille Morland said Davanna had been diagnosed with ADHD has a young boy, but had not been receiving his medication at the time

She conceded that her client should have dealt with the situation in a different way, but she asked Judge Peter Benson to consider giving Davanna another suspended sentence.

The judge said neighbours and other witnesses had been alarmed by Davanna’s behaviour particularly someone armed with a knife in a public place.

Judge Benson sentenced Davanna to 16 weeks in prison for the latest incident with an additional four weeks in jail for the earlier suspended sentence.