Man who ran world’s biggest haul of fakes op is told to pay up

The man who ran a bogus goods operation – described by police as the biggest in the world – has been ordered to pay back thousands of pounds of cash made from his crime.

Aamer Ali, 27, of Rhodes Street, Pellon, Halifax, dealt in the production and sale of hundreds of copied games and DVDs and was also linked to stolen televisions and laptops worth thousands of pounds. As reported by the Courier, Ali was in jailed for five years in May last year.

And now he has also been told he must pay £62,145 - or face another 20-month prison sentence.

The confiscation order was made at Leeds Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) and means Ali has six months to pay the cash,

Also ordered to hand over money were Ali’s cousin, Murtaz Ali, 32, also of Rhodes Street, who was given a six and a half month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with 100 hours unpaid work, and Naveed Zaman, 25, of Richmond Road, Halifax, who was given a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years with 200 hours unpaid work for their parts in the counterfeit operation.

Murtaz Ali was told he must pay £39,000 or face a 12-month prison sentence and Zaman was ordered to pay £8,000 or spend five months in jail.

In total, the three will have to pay £109,145.

Calderdale Police’s POCA team, who pursued the orders, said they hoped it would send a message that crime does not pay. Detective Sergeant Bill Hargreaves, who leads the team, said: “This was a protracted and complex investigation into an extremely well-organised criminal organisation.”

He said the investigation to smash the bogs goods operation and secure the orders had been pursued “diligently and tenaciously” and the significant amount that the three must hand back was a success for the POCA team.

On his arrest, Ali was found to have more than 1,000 counterfeit DVDs, 14,000 in cash, 128 computer games consoles, 16 stolen TV sets and 348 stolen laptops.

He sold the copied games and DVDs through the weekly car boot sale at Broad Street, Halifax.